Driven by a pioneering spirit, we believe that it is our responsibility as a company to invest in the future by devoting time and resources to an in-house R&D Department.
This undertaking is one of the pillars of our company culture and Margoconseil has been granted official Research Tax Credit (CIR) status by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.


We are fortunate to be working in a company made up of talented and ambitious people. As a company, we are responsible for making full use of these qualities. This is what we do every day by identifying the most complex and strategic missions, the ones that represent the highest added value and enable each one of our consultants to progress and realize their potential.
And yet, something was bothering us. What if an employee had an idea, an ambition or a skill that went beyond the Margoconseil business model? Not making use of it would be a serious mistake. Not encouraging them would be another.
So we decided to create an incubator within Margoconseil. This sends out a strong message to each of our employees: if they have an idea, a business model, an ambition, whether or not it is related to Margoconseil’s business, we encourage them to talk to us. They are listened to, challenged, encouraged and even supported and funded.
We want to become the business angels of our own employees. We want to be a company where anything is possible, one that encourages initiative and uncovers talent.
is the first success of the Margoconseil incubator. There will be others, of that we are sure. We always have been and always will be entrepreneurs and pioneers. That is our true profession.


Keenly aware of the footprint that we leave as a company, we have adopted measures including a CSR policy and a responsible purchasing guide.
This approach has been further reinforced by joining the United Nations Global Compact, which invites companies to adopt ten universal principles covering human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption in a spirit of responsible and sustainable development.Pacte mondial des Nations Unies « Global Compact »